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Who is Grand Incentives, Inc?

Grand Incentives, Inc. is a novel premier travel incentive company that sets itself apart from the rest by bringing innovative promotional travel offers, enabling the corporate world to more effectively activate, acquire, retain, renew and enhance customer and employee relationships. Grand Incentives has designed low cost travel offers and listens to their clients needs to provide what works best for them. The high perceived value of our extensive selection of vacation offers gives our clients a competitive edge in increasing their sales.

Grand Incentives, Inc. has a dynamic Sales & Marketing team ready to listen and work for you. The fulfillment center is staffed with experienced, knowledgeable and friendly travel agents who will handle your customers in a professional and respectful manner while arranging their travel plans.

Customers are the biggest asset to any company and Grand Incentives, Inc. represents your company as you would yourself with the highest of professional and ethical standards. Grand Incentives, Inc. is a privately held corporation, fully licensed and bonded by the State of Florida as a seller of travel.

Our management team has over a century of experience in the Premium Incentive Business and Travel related industries. Grand Incentives has experienced tremendous growth and has acquired clients that realize that Grand Incentives cares about their customers. Grand Incentives understands that when our clients business succeeds, Grand Incentives succeeds and bottom line, our client's satisfaction is our #1 priority and what our business is built on.

Customer first...always!

Who can benefit from our products?

Any company of any size that wants to increase sales, motivate employees, or reward customers will find that Grand Incentives travel offers present a superior marketing alternative to more costly, less effective programs. Recipients appreciate the flexibility they have to choose a destination and time that is built around their desires and schedules. The professional team at Grand Incentives makes it so easy, and our clients consistently give us high marks for the excellent customer service they as well as their clients experience throughout each and every transaction.

Unique, innovative and first-to-market incentive programs

Select the text in this paragraph to view live programs available today; which include our Employee Savings Program that provides employers a great way to support employees with a very personal benefit of employment. Grand Incentives inc. also has a very strong history of generosity and community support. Our unique program to reward people for their generosity continues to be a very powerful tool in the effort to help those in need.

How can we offer such a cost-effective incentive package?

As a full service travel agency, we use our significant volume purchasing power to negotiate tremendous discounts at hotels, and with cruise lines and airlines all over the country. Our strong financial standing empowers us to pay in advance as well, giving us even greater buying power. Most Grand Incentives travel offer recipients stay longer than the amount of complimentary nights offered, and often require other travel services that we happily accommodate, most often at a discount.

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