As a member of the Grand Incentives team, you'll have the opportunity to be part of an organization that not only supports its customers, but stands behind its members. We foster a work environment that is fun, inspirational and motivational. Your fellow employees become more than just casual acquaintances; we see ourselves as a family, with people who depend upon one another. Everybody has a job to do, but everyone on the Grand Incentives team is ready to pitch in when someone needs help. Trust and respect play a critical role in maintaining an atmosphere of productivity and positivity - two keys to the company's continued success that we look for when new people come in the door.

There are a number of different departments that make up Grand Incentives' overall operation; no matter where you make your contributions - be it sales, customer service, bookkeeping, marketing or elsewhere - you will be acknowledged for a job well done. In all aspects of our business, we're looking for people who can make an impact, both on the company itself and the people around them. If that's the kind of employment experience you seek, check out our job listings below.



The Grand Incentives office is filled with motivational messages, many of them posted by the employees. We share our aspirations and goals with one another, and find ways to help those dreams become realities.


A fun way to show company spirit, we choose a theme for each day and get to play dress up. Sometimes it's Pajama Day, sometimes it's Retro Day, sometimes it's a color to raise awareness of a health issue. Whatever the suggestion, it's an enjoyable way to be silly... together.


Vision boards are an inspirational way to identify personal and professional goals, and keep them at the forefront as we work to make them happen. Periodically, we get together after hours (or before work) to create these totems and give each other the confidence to dream big.


A tasty way to promote fellowship, our monthly luncheons give us a chance to break bread and enjoy everyone's contributions to a themed meal. People sign up ahead of time and bring in food, drinks, plates, forks, etc., and on the appointed day, everyone chows down.


Of course the holidays are a big deal. Not only do we have a Secret Santa (complete with stockings), but we also have a special kind of gift exchange at our annual holiday party. And, oh, yeah, there's the holiday party... with plenty of food and merriment.


At Grand Incentives, pitching in to help those less fortunate is not just a pet project; it is a passion. We work year-round to help make sure that the area's homeless men, women and children are not destined to go without. Beyond the basic necessities - food, clothing - we strive to provide something more, to help elevate the spirits. Whether it's a Thanksgiving feast, holiday gifts, school supplies or toiletries, it is critical to us that we go the extra mile for these ill-fated individuals; we see it as our responsibility as part of a caring society.

We accomplish this goal both by raising money - through straight donations, raffles and office bake sales - and by showing up, providing the manpower that helps make our monthly “homeless dinners” nourishing and productive. It is a matter of doing well by doing good, and showing that it's possible to make a difference in our community by contributing to the betterment of our fellow man.



Our dental plan gives employees access to a national network of providers.


Our vision coverage makes it easy for employees to get the eye care they need.


Grand Incentives promotes a healthy environment for its employees - in a number of ways.


There are no open positions available at this time, please check back soon!